❧ Le Voisinage de Madame Rogers

Voici le site pour des classes de Madame Rogers.

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Bienvenue à mon site !

Best Work Practices:

- Bring proper materials to all your classes.

- When you get to class, immediately take out all the materials needed for class and use them.

- Set up a work place and time, then follow through with it. Save distractions as a reward for hard work.

- Be ethical in your work and testing.

Best Societal Practices:

- Strive to treat yourself, your surroundings, and all others with good manners and respect.

- Be an informed person, but question bias.

- Be a caretaker; of people, animals and the planet.

- Become active; vote, volunteer, explore, share. You are a valuable commodity to any community.

For parents: To find the assignments for each week, go to Devoirs. The site is set up as a blog format, so the main page will link to each week's assignments and announcements. The most current week will be at the top of the list. You can compare the papers in your student's portfolio notebook and journal to those in the work chart. Remember that the current week's work will be in the reviewing/grading process, so backtrack one week. Annonce will have supplements for all classes including; downloads for portfolios, how-to's, videos, project instructions, study guides and expectations. Click on archive to see a complete list of entries beyond the most recent 10 items on any blog page. There are links below for the online language practice sites, help and Larousse Dictionary online. Please feel free to email me at arogers@district70.org for questions, concerns and your parent code for edmodo.com - I do not use Moodle.

For students: This is a great resource for helping you track your own work needs, especially if you're behind or absent. remember to cross-check with Edmodo in case there's in-class notes. You should check this site on a daily basis. There are links below to help you with your work.

French sites for students

Student Support

Social Studies sites

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