❧ Devoirs for Assignments

Freshman Orientation

August 6, 2018

Hi everyone! (Bonjour tout le monde!)

Welcome to Pueblo West High School! (Bienvenue au lycée Pueblo West!) Here's this week's assignment chart for class. This part of the blog entry is for each week's general class-oriented announcements. If it's not important, I won't waste time typing it out for you. Click on the link below that matches the name of the page to pull up the chart. Next week's chart (Assignments: Week 1) will look fairly different. For Monday, don't forget to get those class supplies, or leave me a message requesting them. Make sure you make an EdModo account using the Group Code for your class. If you forget your password, that's okay - I can reset them for you, just tell me. DO NOT make another account unless I tell you it's needed.

Freshman Orientation Week