❧ Devoirs for Assignments

S1 Finals: Week 18

December 16,2019

Finals Week: Presentations, Final Guides, Last Chance for making up missing items

Monday is a normal schedule - filling in those zeroes with somehting better is recommended

Tuesday there is an abbreviated full-day schedule; use the master schedules to know more. Still possible to repair some grades.

Friday: is the day my final grades are due in. Please only tell me if there is something that is wrong in the grade book. Give me something to use as evidence in order to repair it quickly - screenshots, photos, etc. Be specific about what needs to be repaired.

French Students: IF there is not enough time to do your final presentations in the class time we have left, you will need to make an audio recording to put in an Edmodo drop box, and be sure your presentation parts are already online in the existing Finals drop boxes. We'll go over this process in class.