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Finals: Week 18  12/18/17

Monday: Review, complete fluency testing, make up tests and study guide help for all but 7th hour

Assignments:Week 17   12/11/17

Almost there. Fluencies this week for French classes. Culture Day on Wednesday, so be prepared.

World History: your Final is also cumulative...

Assignments:Week 16   12/4/17

Testing, Turn-ins and Amnesty for missing Edmodo @ 60% .....

Assignments: Week 15 repaired  11/27/17

Monday and possibly Tuesday will be sub days thanks to my bronchitis. Please remember to be courteous and to do the Edmodo assignments in class today....

Assignments: Week 14   11/13/17

Study guides, missing work and fluency practice!

Assignments: Week 13   11/6/17

French Classes: Make sure you're collecting returned papers. Don't fall behind on Self-Evals because I'm not allowing late now.

World History: Be sure to pick up scored work as evidence. I'm still missing a large number of your Journals.....